About Us

TREDIN TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is a multi faceted organization offering specialized engineering services to oil and gas, public and private sectors. The company is one of the leading Nigeria based providers of various Engineering and project management services for the private, public, and the oil and gas sectors in the West Africa environment. The company primarily services these with a need to support and extend its in house engineering and project management capabilities.

Our approach toward supporting our clients is second to none as we support them in areas stated below

Electrical Construction
Civil Construction
Management Services
Sourcing & Procurement
Transport and Supplies
Environmental Protection

Striving to attain the leadership position as the foremost indigenous Engineering Company in the energy, oil, gas, private and public sectors of the economy.

Provide services and expertise that enhances customer’s plants and facilities at optimum cost-of-ownership while remaining friendly to the environment.

“Commitment to provide excellent engineering services in the energy, oil, gas and construction related fields which meet and where possible, exceed our customer’s expectation and continually improve customer’s satisfaction”.
Managing Director.