Quality Control (QC)


In TREDIN TECHNOLOGIES LTD, we believe in building bridges. We take every responsibility very seriously. Hence as a matter of corporate policy, the management attaches tremendous importance to QUALITY. The company is therefore, committed to professional and technical excellence.

As a guide, the company adopts the QA/QC concept of various reputable professional bodies and organizations (SPDC and other oil and gas industries) and enforces same in combination with the specification of its clients.

It is mandatory for every technical employee of TREDIN TECHNOLOGIES LTD to undergo series of orientation programmes on quality assurance and quality control thereafter routine on the job course on QA/QC are also organized.

For every project executed by the company, a QUALITY ASSURANCE programme and a good SECURITY PLAN ins developed to facilitate realization of quality standards and execution of targets. A QA/QC Engineer also acts as the company focal point on quality matters for liaison between its company and its client representative.

Quality brings forth durability, credibility and saves cost. In order to build a sustainable relationship, the managment of TREDIN TECHNOLOGIES LTD gives quality to priority in all its activities.

Managing Director/CEO